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Ads by WSJ - How will I earn by placing Ads on my website?

Using 'Ads by WSJ', you wil be able to bring on relevant advertisers and get paid for the number of page views. You earn money without the headaches of selling and collecting money from each advertiser individually. We sell, we bring ads, we place it on your webpages, show you reports of Ads delivered to your site. You will receive your earnings in one aggregated check from us. You build the content and we bring you advertising money. It is as simple as letting us know the AD FORMAT and inserting the code generated below to your webpage.

Select AdFormat, enter your website and click on Generate Code above. Cut and paste the code that will be shown in this box to your web page. You will start getting ads and begin to make money off your website!
What You Earn:
Your earning will be 65% of share of revenue based on the traffic generated from your website.
Choose AdFormat:
You can customize your ads to fit in with your pages. Use the options below to specify ad format
Current Network: Georgia News Network
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Website : 
If you have questions call us for support USA: 678-990-0919, India: 080-26632211

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