The Last Queen of Wonderland (15th Mar 2018 @ 7:00 PM)
By: Geremy Sony
One hundred and fifty years after Lewis Carroll wrote about Wonderland, a young woman named Lacie discovers an impossible family secret: it's all real. In search of her sister who has been missing for a year, she travels through the looking glass with Carroll’s books as her guide. The Wonderland she finds has transformed and hardened under the rule of the House of Cards. In the dungeon of the Queen of Hearts, she rescues a boy named Charlie after realizing that he grows up to be Lewis Carroll. It is clear that the laws of our world no longer apply and Lacie must rely on many new friends to help her navigate this strange and often dangerous world. Lacie is determined to free Charlie and her sister by finding a way for all of them to escape through the looking glass and return to where they belong. Otherwise, Charlie may never grow up to write his books, and without the clues they hold, Lacie and her sister may get trapped in Wonderland forever.

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